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BOC-3 Processing

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All interstate authorized for-hire carriers operating under their own authority must have a current BOC-3 form on file with FMCSA to secure operating authority and to maintain active operating status. The form lists registered process agents for each state, who will accept legal papers being served on the motor carrier by an individual or legal entity from outside the carrier’s base state. Get into compliance with Foley Carrier Services’ BOC-3, a Blanket Legal Entity for all 50 states, which provides the legal names, addresses and phone numbers of processing agents in each state.

Buy Foley Carrier Services’ BOC-3 service online now, and we’ll process your BOC-3 before the end of the next business day.

Once you have provided the carrier’s Legal Name and MC# and DOT# (if applicable), you will be able to add your BOC-3 order to the shopping cart.

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