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Vehicle Maintenance File (VMF) Folder Pak

Vehicle Maintenance File (VMF) Folder PAK

The Vehicle Maintenance File (VMF) Folder PAK contains all the forms you need to comply with FMCSA’s 49 CFR Part 396 vehicle maintenance regulations. The VMF Folder PAK includes the following color-coded forms, which include guidance on how long they must be maintained in your files:

  • VMF 1: Vehicle Identification Record
  • VMF 2: Record of Required Emergency Equipment
  • VMF 3: Lubrication Record
  • VMF 4: Daily Driver Inspection Report
  • VMF 5: Driveaway-Towaway Inspection Report
  • VMF 6: Bus Emergency Equipment Inspection Report
  • VMF 7: Periodic Inspection Report
  • VMF 8: Preventive Maintenance Record
  • VMF 9: Work Order
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